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A Bit About Me

Katie Wetch is an actor for Voice Over, TV, Film, and Theater. She also specializes in Improv, Motion Capture, and Stage Combat. Originally from Virginia Beach, they could be found running from the beach to the mountains; Virginia has both and they couldn't stay away from either. Hiking, camping, or a family beach day were some of their favorite pass-times growing up. If she wasn't outside, she could be found in her room painting murals on walls, reading anything fantasy-related, or playing some of her favorite video games.

With 15+ years in the theater, she has studied a wide range of material from Shakespeare and Commedia dell'arte to Modern Day Classics and Musical Theater. Some of their notable roles have included May in Last Train to Nibroc, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Ado Annie in Oklahoma, and Gloria in Wait Until Dark.

She even had the incredible privilege to bring an adapted version of Servant

of Two Masters to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019, of which she played

the flirtatious, boisterous role of SmeraldinaIt was an experience of a life-time;

both as an actor and being of Scottish decent themselves, and one they hope

to relive in the future.

Katie has been acting for as long as she can remember; going on auditions

when she was very small at her mothers' side. She looks back on those early

memories fondly; from playing Uno with her mom in the holding rooms to the

free doughnuts on set. She focused in television and print work; steadily

growing a love for theater as she herself grew. It was a passion that ran deep in her family.

Her mother and aunt were a part of the theater growing up; her mom being a flight attendant was able to fly between New York and Virginia on the weekends for classes and the like when she was young. And her grandmother, Nina Kurgansky, who wanted to to become a "Hollywood Star" when she came to America from Shanghai, sang with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. She later became a nurse when her stepfather passed of Tuberculosis, and held onto that boisterous spirit until the day she passed. 

Nina, or Nonnie as she was lovingly called by her family, is one of the strongest women Katie knew, and they know she's continued to watch over them, hoping every day to make her proud. Katie makes pirozhki and pelmeni in her honor on her birthday every year. Nonnie always made them for the ones she loved, sometimes making as many as 200-300 in a weekend to bring to her church.

She is incredibly proud to be her grandchild.


As a young high-schooler, Katie officially began her study of

theater with Ricardo Melendez, Steve Earl, and Randy

Strawderman at The Governor's School for the Arts. She

continued her education in college under Dr. Michael Kirkland,

Eric Harrell, and many others, earning a BFA in Theater

Performance. Along the way, she discovered a strong passion

for stage combat; earning several SAFD certifications under

the tutelage of Dr. Michael Kirkland and approved by Fight Master Richard Ryan. Some of these include:

Sword and Shield

Single Sword

Small Sword



She hopes to continue her education in combat, eventually

earning all certifications. 

She also met her partner here, Brandon, through the theater

department, and she's been so incredibly thankful to share a

life and a passion with him. He was the Romeo to her Juliet

in Romeo and Juliet, and the Raleigh to

her May in Last Train to Nibroc.  After putting plans on hold

for a few years, they, along with their two little monsters,

Macy (their dog) and Leo (their orange Tabby) moved to

Dallas in March of 2022.


She has since signed with the Campbell Agency and begun

work for Crunchyroll. When she's not acting; you can find

Katie flexing her drawing muscles, trying new recipes, or

spending time with friends.

You can hear her as:
Wang Juan in Link Click
Kaede in I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World
Lize in Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist

She has also provided additional voices for many shows, including:
Natsume's Book of Friends
One Piece
Dr. Stone
Trigun Stampede and more (for full list, see their IMDB or ANIME NEWS NETWORK)


First Headshot

Nina "Nonnie"  Kurgansky

Surprise Photo Shoot

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